About FOODiiE Spice Kits

Convenience without compromise

Our mission:

Meals that are:

  1. Rammed with flavour
  2. Quick & easy to prepare
  3. Healthy. No sugar / additives

As if that wasn't enough.... Plastic Free packaging

FOODiiE Spice Kits is born

With a busy lifestyle, I started making quick spice kits for my own use. Then friends started asking for them...and FOODiiE Spice Kits was born.

What's it all about?

I've never been a fan of processed food. Maybe because I grew up in a time when they didn't really exist. My parents always cooked from scratch. And that's what I was taught. Looking back, I guess I was lucky. Amazing food was the norm in our home.

Busy lifestyle

But these days we all live busy lives. And we don't want to spend ages cooking, especially after a long day at work. We're pulled in different directions, with cooking for families. I'm often just cooking for myself, so I sometimes don't feel like putting in too much effort. But I still want tasty food. I just want it quickly!

Does convenience come with compromise?

No it doesn't! You can have it all

PLASTIC FREE packaging

I'm conscious that convenience can mean more packaging, impacting our environment. I've no desire to add to the burden of waste.

So...all Spice Kits are in 100% compostable packaging. See more on my environmental philosophy.