FOODiiE Environmental Philosophy

Plastic free packaging

Packaging for FOODiiE Spice Kits is plastic free. We use 100% compostable  bags, made from organic material.

What's the story?

A while ago I stayed with a friend who subscribed to a regular delivery of meal kits.

The box contained amazing innovative recipes, with the exact ingredients needed to cook them. Including spices, vegetables, meat, etc. Everything. From a convenience point of view, I thought this was fantastic. Especially for busy people who don't have the time to keep coming up with fresh original ideas and the ingredients needed to create them.

I have to say, the meals I had were certainly scrumptious, and in combinations I hadn't tried before.

There was just the right quantity of everything... no waste, no hassle, no missing ingredients.

But... there was thing that really bugged me. The packaging. Or more specifically, the amount of packaging. So much plastic in each delivery.

The problem was that each "teaspoon" of spice came in a little plastic sealed pot. Fresh herbs were in a plastic bag. And so on.

The price of convenience? this the price of convenience? Packaging for each teaspoon of spice or 10g of herbs? The big companies would have us believe that this is the cost of convenience. I believe we don't have to compromise the earth (or our health) to have quick easy-to prepare meals.

I'm no environmental fanatic.

You'd never describe me as a "crazy environmentalist". But I have no desire to add to the burden we are putting on our environment with the excessive use of plastic. So, as much for my own conscience as anything, I wanted to offer a product that's convenient but still have environmental responsibility